red peonies, Peonies WALTER MAINS, Peony Farm, WA
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A glorious shade of burgundy red in the cup shaped petals,which set off to perfection the burgundy stamens edged with gold. A classic peony, reminiscent of a tulip, to add to your collection. No staking. APS Gold Medal Award 1974. spreading bush, stands well, grows well, dependable.   For your red peonies garden, pair off  Red Charm peony as an early bloomer, Walter Mains filling in the transition from early blooming Red Charm with its interesting composition, and Philippe Rivoire peony at the tail end of the blooming period.   You will have ample reds 


32" High.

Early to Mid bloomer.

Slightly fragrant.

Full Sun.

Zone 2-8

  • Mid bloomer:


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