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Every garden needs this early flowering peony.  Red Charm is striking deep red with abundant ruffled petals. Long lasting.  American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner. A must have for the red peony collection.  I am not talented enough to capture its beauty.  But, if you love red peonies,  this is a must have.   For your red peonies garden, pair off  Red Charm peony as an early bloomer, Walter Mains filling in the transition from early blooming Red Charm with its interesting composition, Or, have Henry Bockstoce follow the blooming period with its sturdy heavenly substanced blossoms, not to mention its fragrance.   Raspberry Charm for a change of pace and First Out peony at the tail end of the blooming period.   You will have ample reds.  What a stunning Red Peony Garden!


36" High.

Early bloomer.


Full Sun.

Zone 2-8

  • Early bloomer:


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