Peonies CORAL SUNSET, Peony Farm, WA peonies, Peony Farm, WA
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Coral Sunset opens a deep orangey-coral petal color, equal to that of 'Coral Charm' and 'Coral 'N Gold'. Petals are distinctly broad and grow long, forming a voluptuous flower. The color fades to a soft lemon soon passes to a harmonious light beige-yellow as the flower matures in sunlight, flowers in different stages of maturity will display as multiple colors on the same plant.  Petals have ruffled edges. The medium tall, strong, upright bush stands well, adapted to all uses. LIMITED.    American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner and Landscape Merit Award.



Mid bloomer.

Slightly Fragrant.

Zone 2-8

Part of the Coral collection.

  • Mid bloomer:


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